Patriotic Immigration Reform May Save GOP, According To...Time!!(?)
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I thought Michael Grunwald's Time Magazine essay Republicans in Distress: Is the Party Over? was mostly just the usual MSM nonsense (i.e. the GOP needs to become more like us Democrats!) until this leapt out at me:

There's always the chance that some new issue – immigration? Iran? cap and trade? something nobody has thought of yet? – will blow up and bring the GOP back to life.

Emphasis mine.

It's not clear why Grunwald mentions immigration. Earlier, he cites the GOP's allegedly impending demographic doom without showing any awareness that the problem is wholly caused by immigration policy. Maybe he's a sort of political idiot savant, able to come up with disconnected insights, just as Dick Morris suggested the immigration issue could work electorally in 2004 and 1996 although eveything he writes on immigration in principle is useless.

Whatever - it's a good sign!

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