Jennifer Rubin Delighted - Sees Rick Perry Is Useless On Immigration
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Jennifer Rubin (whose comically inept Commentary piece on the California Disaster revealed she had never thought about the problems stemming from excessive immigration, but who was subsequently tapped to fill (waste?) The Washington Post’s “Conservative” blogger role) is delighted. She has realized Rick Perry is useless on immigration.

Perry’s Immigration Record 8/16/2011 stems from a piece of wonkery in National Review about Perry: Five Questions About Rick Perry Ramesh Ponnuru & Rich Lowry Aug 15, 2011 which reluctantly mentions how bad Perry is right at the end as Question 5 How much will immigration hurt?

Reflecting the close ties of his state to Mexico, Perry is to the left of the center of gravity of the rest of the party on the issue.

This is a gross understatement.

Rubin happily gloats over Perry’s Hispandering

A GOP insider well-versed on the subject who is unaffiliated with any campaign tells me Perry appointed a number of Hispanics to state offices and judgeships…even before he announced his run.

His defeatism on Arizona-style legislation enchants her

When Arizona enacted its controversial statute, he explicitly rejected that approach for Texas….Perry may be proven farsighted in avoiding a firestorm of criticism and large litigation costs for his state.

As does his sponsorship of DREAM Act-type legislation and opposition to fixing the Anchor Baby problem.

Possibly through ignorance, she tries to suggest that Perry has some enforcement credentials because of a pretended opposition to Sanctuary Cities – neglecting to report that the overwhelmingly Republican Texan Legislature heeded the Plutocrats and enacted nothing this year – on his watch.

Looking at the explosion of MSM coverage on Perry this week, it is clear that the news managers have correctly identified Perry – another Big Business Democrat from Texas, who only belatedly (in 1989 - after Reagan!) started flying GOP colors because state-wide races cannot – currently – be won in Texas by Democrats.

Or to put it another way, if Jennifer Rubin likes him, no Patriot can.

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