Pat On McCain In 2008
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June 10, 2006, 02:26 AM
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Here`s Pat Buchanan on Americans vs. McCain

But it is the immigration issue that could sink McCain. For it is hard to believe today`s GOP and Middle America, which wants the U.S. border sealed with a security fence and troops, will vote for a senator who favors amnesty, voted for welfare benefits for illegal aliens and sponsored with Teddy Kennedy a bill to bring scores of millions of new immigrants in over the next 20 years.

A McCain nomination would sunder the GOP between corporate conservatives and populist conservatives, and might generate a third party movement that could return the country — to Bill and Hillary. RealClearPolitics Bad Month for McCainBy Patrick Buchanan,June 09, 2006

And here`s Ruben Navarette on McCain vs. Americans, starting with Brian Bilbray.

Exit John McCain. In a last-minute e-mail to the Bilbray campaign, a McCain spokesman noted that the two men "disagree on some of the issues related to immigration reform.`` And, the spokesman said, McCain wanted to "avoid distracting`` from the event.

Bilbray supporters called the snub petty and vindictive.

It wasn`t. It was principled, honest and morally consistent. How could McCain have appeared at a fundraiser for someone who has tried to get political mileage from blasting a major McCain initiative? McCain`s Stand & Bilbray`s DemagogueryJune 04, 2006 By Ruben Navarrette

Party loyalty is how everyone but McCain manages these things. But that`s not the McCain style. After all, the "major McCain initiative" is also a major Ted Kennedy initiative. And that was Pat`s point above; McCain isn`t going to get many actual Republicans to vote for him for President.