Hit-Run Killer Alien Gets a Handslap Sentence
May 21, 2008, 11:56 PM
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You can`t call it justice when a drunk-driving illegal alien gets a sentence of just 15 years for killing a teenager, Paul Watry of Port Washington, Wisconsin, who had his whole life ahead of him.

The killer, Eddie Carbajal-Lile, ran a stop sign after drinking and struck a car with three young people inside. He fled the scene and was caught two weeks later in Ohio after he was arrested for harassing a bartender.

Fifty friends and family of Paul Watry were present for the sentencing on Monday.

Larry Watry, 50, Watry`s father, told the judge the family would like an 18-year sentence, but also suggested that Carbajal-Lile should face 60 years behind bars, to match his son`s life expectancy.

"Today does nothing for us. We`ve lost our son, and nothing can change that, and nothing will erase the time we had together," a tearful Watry told reporters after the hearing. "He was a remarkable young man."

During the hearing, Watry spoke passionately about his son for about five minutes, and then played an emotional 10-minute video montage of Paul Watry`s life, with a portion of the musical backdrop performed by Paul, who owned eight guitars and headed a rock band called Ubiquitous Scab. [Illegal immigrant gets 15 years for fatal hit-run, Fond du Lac Reporter, May 20 2008]

The video tribute to the dead young man is a moving reminder of the human cost of open borders.