Palin—"We Know That Obama Wasn't Vetted..."
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Via Ed Morissey at Hot Air, Sarah Palin says that Obama wasn't vetted in by the media in 2008, and things are coming home to roost with his inexperience and associations.

Of course, what she doesn't have to say is that she herself was the most media-vetted candidate in history, with enthusiastic investigators flying to Wasilla to see if they could actually see Russia from her house, and trying to find out what kind of weird "white people" church she was attending in Alaska. All this while the same journalists trying very hard to ignore the Reverend Wright, William Ayers, Tony Rezko, and other players right in downtown Chicago, within walking distance of network offices and newspaper editorial boards.

However, if you were reading in 2007, or bought a copy of Steve Sailer's book, you knew all that before anyone who depends on the MSM.

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