Palin As Obamaesque Blank Slate
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Palin Commutes
Gov. Palin on her morning commute to the state capitol in Juneau.
Right now, Sarah Palin appears to have some of that Blank Slate magic that propelled Obama to the nomination working for her, too (in contrast to the overly-familiar Joe Biden, who was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1954 when he was 11.) It's not just that he's from Hawaii and she's from Alaska. Here's somebody that nobody knows much about, but who has an interesting story, and everybody can seize on whatever bits and pieces they hear about her that they like and make up a little story about who she must be. In particular, she appears to have completely won the hearts of the Nerd Vote with her Tina-Fey-in-the-NRA image — pretty girls with big guns, just like in all the movies. On the other hand, let me point out, she was a journalism major ...
The Ambler of British Columbia (from whom I stole the stock photo and caption above - where he got it, I can't say) has this to say about his neighbor to the Northwest.


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