Outsourcing/H-1B Cheerleader Kennedy runs away!
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An enterprising VDARE.com reader, John J. Pershing, (see his earlier contributions here, here, and here) was sufficiently moved by the spectacle of Professor Robert Kennedy - the University of Michigan’s worker-import/job-export cheerleader with the enterprising habit of getting his employees to puff his book on Amazon — that he wrote to him. (Kennedy, it will remembered provoked Carrie’s Nation’s recent excellent outsourcing essay.)

Professor Kennedy:

What sayeth thou in reference to the two March 11, 2009 rock turning over pieces by Patrick Cleburne/Carrie's Nation/Androcass found in Vdare's blog column? I'm a reasonable person willing to listen to the other side. Be advised that should you respond, these communiques are subject to being forwarded and published20on the web as well would be news of you opting not to respond.

Most sincerely,

J. Pershing

Kennedy responded with a classic piece of academic arrogance and intellectual dishonesty:

From: Robert Kennedy Date: Thu, 12 Mar 2009 14:26:25 -0400 To Conversation: Kommissar H1-B Cheerleader Subject: Re: Kommissar H1-B Cheerleader

If you’re interested in the topic – both what works and what doesn’t, I suggest you check out my book (The Services Shift, http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0137133502). It’s primarily descriptive, but does provide a roadmap I’ve found that blog commentators tend to not understand the distinction between descriptive and normative writing.

I’ve never heard of the vdare blog and am not inclined to respond to people who post anonymously. I’ve had many debates with actual people on both sides of this issue. I am happy to interact with people who rely on facts and arguments. I have no interest in debating people who simply emote and call people name s. A quick glance give me the impression that the vdare blog tends toward the latter.

If any of these people would like to debate, have them write me directly, with a name and some facts. I am more than happy to have a discussion on those terms.


Bob Kennedy

The techniques used here are very common amongst a certain group and they are worth analysis.

” Utter refusal to meet argument with argument. Rather throw a book (without explication) at his correspondent and dodge VDARE.com with specious assertions. ” Attempt to intimidate: in this case using academic jargon — ”descriptive and normative”. As if his op-ed piece ”Work Visas stop offshoring of high-skill jobs" The Detroit News February20 2008 was not normative! ” Lie about what the other side says. This is very common. In this case the ”Patrick Cleburne” blogs are obviously not anonymous. Further more much of the H-1B/Outsourcing material we have published, for instance Norm Matloff’s or John Miano’s is highly technical. But it is far more convenient to yell out a falsehood and run.

It is of course possible Kennedy does not know of VDARE.com — Academics are pitifully narrow. Not following the public debate could account for the poor quality of the op-ed, as Carrie’s Nation was able to find a mass of errors in it.

Tell Professor Kennedy to shape up — he needs to do his homework to actually compete in the polemical Big Time.


I see William Davidson, who funded Professor Kennedy’s Chair and Institute, died on Friday.

It is not VDARE’s habit to go all sentimental because an enemy dies. Davidson is said to have to have given away over $200 million — but most went to Israel, or to Jewish causes here. His contributions to the U.Mich Business School bought him, in Professor Kennedy, an apologist for the brutal attack on American living standards that Outsourcing/H-1B constitutes. Davidson caused Kennedy’s chair to be named after the deplorable late Congressman Tom Lantos (D —CA) (who appears to have had nothing to do with the University). Lantos ( ADA rating 100%; Career Numbers USA grade F) deviated from the knee jerk leftism he brought from his native central Europe at the end of his career — to help promote the attack on Iraq.

This was the man William Davidson thought deserved honoring.

America will be better off without William Davidson.

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