Outside Interests In Arizona=Patriots
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Here, a guy who throws around the words “wingnut” and “rabidly”– as in “rabidly nativist”–calls us a hate site. Oh, and Social Contract Press, too.

Russell Pearce Recall Committee Formed by “Outside Interests”

Ah, sweet irony.

State Senate President Russell Pearce’s supporters love to prevaricate about Citizens for a Better Arizona, the committee that’s collected enough signatures in Legislative District 18 to force a recall of Pearce, alleging that the recall has been organized by unnamed “outside interests.”

Which is total bull, as I’ve pointed out in previous blogs. But now who’s coming to Pearce’s rescue in the November 8 recall election? An anti-recall group formed by, you guessed it, outside interests.

Thursday, the “Committee To Oppose Recall of Russell Pearce” filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, allowing it to raise money to save Pearce’s hide.

It’s headquarters? Vienna, Virginia, 12 miles away from Washington, D.C.

Both its treasurer and its chairman are non-Arizonans: The latter is ex-Colorado Congressman Tom Tancredo, and the former is Angela “Bay” Buchanan, sister of wingnut Republican Pat Buchanan.

Tancredo and Buchanan are co-chairs of the Team America PAC, a rabidly nativist organization that just loves bashing Mexicans and supports any politician doing likewise.

(Note: The Web site for Team America openly links to hate sites such as VDARE.com,named for the first white baby born in the New World, and the vicious, bigoted Social Contract Press, among others of this ilk.)[More]

The links on VDARE.com and Social Contract Press above aren’t to our actual websites  but to SPLC attacks on us,  and as usurla, they’ve got VIrginia Dare wrong–she was the “She was the first English child to be born in the New World,”not the first white child. I believe the first white child was  named Snorri Thorfinnson, about 1020 AD.

However, as for their point that patriots in Washington or Virginia are “outside agitators,” as they used to be called, they’re still Americans. Some of the support for the other side comes from Mexico City.

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