Oscar Winners are...the Neocons: Avatar vetoed.
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While I didn’t like Avatar because of its rancid anti-white/WASP theme, I did respect it for visual beauty and technological virtuosity. And one might think a group of industry professionals might want to applaud it for huge financial success, raising popular interest in the movies, and introducing new and exciting technology.

Not with the Neocons and their associates breathing over their shoulders!

Last night’s Oscar’s were swept by The Hurt Locker ,an adequate film with some nice explosions and a ridiculous misrepresentation of the professionalism and character of army bomb disposal experts: 'Locker' loaded as top winner at Oscars by David Li New York Post March 8, 2010

Why? Because as I noted here and here, the Neocons declared war on Avatar. Not for my reasons — in fact David Brooks even tried to smear the film as White Supremacist!

Avatar’s was excoriated because it was feared the image of High Technology Bad Guys massacring lightly-armed Primitives might make some of the sheeple think about Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

The Palestinians themselves got the analogy; IN PICTURES/ Palestinian protesters dress as Avatar’s Na’vi Haaretz.com 14/02/2010

By contrast, the Iraqis featured in The Hurt Locker presented as cruel, murderous and shifty - but fairly well able to defend their country.

So talent, creativity, innovation and popular success count for nothing. What will be, for better or worse, a milestone in movie history is passed over for a minor film.

In the meat business, they say you are what you eat. In 21st Century America, they do what they are.

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