Orlando Attack Was Not a “Tragedy” but Mass Murder Jihad
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My head explodes every time I hear a TV commenter call a savage Islamic murder a “tragedy” — no, Hurricane Katrina was a tragedy; the jihad mass shooting in Orlando that killed 50 was a massacre for allah. Big difference. But we are hearing the usual media softening of jihad attacks because Americans aren’t supposed to notice how dangerous Muslim immigration is. The Orlando mass murders were executed by a son of Afghan immigrants, so it’s the common second generation problem.


Sebastian Gorka, a fine explainer of jihad, swatted that media malfeasance following the attack, as well as how detrimental political correctness has been to carrying out a proper response to America’s Islamic enemies. He appeared on Fox News early Sunday when not a lot was known about the attack in Orlando.

MARIA BARTIROMO: How do you see it now after that briefing where we now know that 50 people are dead 53 others are in the hospital and this was an act of terrorism?

SEBASTIAN GORKA: Maria, we need to stop using words like “shocking.” Nobody should be shocked: this is what they have been planning to do after Paris, after Brussels. Nobody should be surprised. Likewise this isn’t to be called a “tragedy.” This isn’t an Amtrak train being derailed; this is part of the global jihadi strategy. It’s not an accident: it is war against America. and lastly please please, I beg my colleagues in the US government, we have to stop talking about this maybe being a hate crime. It’s not a hate crime; it is part of an ideological military assault on the United States of America.

We have arrested 101 people linked to ISIS on US soil since the Caliphate was declared. This attack in part was facilitated by the policies of this administration, President Obama and Secretary Clinton, that have allowed political correctness into the threat assessment. Today I beg the White House — stop with the political correctness. We need to destroy this enemy before more innocent people — gay, straight, black, white, brown, yellow — are murdered on US soil.

BARTIROMO: You make very compelling statements there, Dr. Gorka. Tell us where you see this going in terms of an investigation of who else is out there. Who, what other terrorists are in America right now?

GORKA: Right now we have, as you your previous guests noted, more than 900 leads being investigated by the FBI in every single state of the union. What we need to know right now is who this person was connected to, how were they accessing ideological material, who those ideologues were. This person killed 50 people — that is more than one magazine’s worth of rounds inside a rifle, inside an AR rifle. This means he probably had some kind of training — who gave him that training? We have to find out the broader network and most importantly, not just the connections to ISIS or jihadis, but who are the ideologues, the people he was in touch with that spun him up to do this attack now during the season of Ramadan. I know the FBI are doing this right now we have to give them as much leeway as possible and stop the political correctness.

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