Oregon Illegal Employers For Illegal Drivers Licenses For Illegal Aliens
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In his post on the Oregon Treason Lobby's effort to get driver's licenses for illegal aliens, Paul Nachman mentions that the initiative is supported by "Local 503 of the Service Employees International Union [SEIU], the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, Oregon Nurseries Political Action Committee, and Northwest Health Foundation.". There's also a much longer list of their supporters—206 names long (four pages of PDF)—which includes 48 employers of illegal aliens, largely in the wine industry.

The way the YesOn88 campaign presents this is to say "Small business owners, farmers, religious leaders and law enforcement all agree that YES on 88 will help improve the safety of our communities." In fact, besides the list of "small business owners" and farmers, who are supporting it because they're employers of wetback labor, the list includes a lot of left-wing groups, minority organizations expressing anti-white solidarity, and so on.

But in the list of wineries, restaurants, and markets below (which I culled from the 206 name list) I assume that none of them are interested in "safe roads"—they're interested in cheap labor that you don't have to get in your own truck to go and pick up.  These are not  "small businesses"—we're talking multi-millionaires: see  Diamonds And Doom-Mongering: The Western Growers Association Wants More Illegal Mexicans.

Of course, they'd say they need illegals, or the grapes would "rot in the fields." In a post called "The Needs Of America's Farmers" I suggested what illegals' employers actually need:

  • Some of them need to be paying higher wages, so they can hire Americans.
  • Some of them need to mechanize their operations.
  • Some of them need to switch to less labor-intensive crops, which can be harvested by machine.
  • If some of them still can't make a living farming without importing illegals to harvest their crops, they need to stop farming, and get a job, because their farm is costing them and the nation more than the value of their produce.
  • And finally, some of them need to be fined or jailed.

Any ICE agents in Oregon looking for someone to deport should investigate the businesses on this list: it's grape harvesting season in Oregon!

  1. A to Z Wineworks
  2. Adelsheim Vineyard
  3. Advanced Vineyard Systems, Inc.
  4. Anidore Vineyards
  5. Bella Vida Vineyard
  6. Bethel Heights Vineyard
  7. Bjornson Vineyard, Bjornson Farm
  8. BlackCap of Oregon
  9. Bois Joli Vineyard
  10. Brick House Vineyard
  11. Brittan Vineyards
  12. Central Oregon Wine and Grape Growers Association
  13. Columbia Gorge Fruit Growers
  14. Cottonwood Winery of Oregon
  15. Crawford Beck Vineyard
  16. Cristom Vineyards
  17. Dominio IV Wines
  18. Don Pancho Mercado
  19. Elk Cove Vineyards & Winery
  20. El Jarro Azul
  21. Finnegan Hill Vineyards
  22. J.K. Carriere Wines
  23. Justa Pasta
  24. Lemelson Vineyards
  25. Loosen J. Christopher Wines
  26. Mi Tierra Market
  27. Monks Gate Vineyard & Wines
  28. Oracle Vineyard
  29. Oregon Association of Nurseries
  30. Oregon Dairy Farmers Association
  31. Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association
  32. Oregon Winegrowers Association
  33. R. Stuart and Company Wines
  34. Rogue Valley Winegrower Association
  35. RoxyAnn Winery
  36. Sokol Blosser Winery
  37. South Willamette Wineries Association
  38. Southern Oregon Winery Association
  39. Stirling Wine Grapes Inc.
  40. Strictly Organic Coffee
  41. Sweet Life Patisserie
  42. Taco Loco
  43. Tu Casa Real Estate
  44. Umpqua Valley Winegrowers Association
  45. Westrey Wine Co.
  46. Willamette Valley Wineries Association
  47. Winderlea Vineyard & Winery
  48. Z’IVO Wines
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