Open-Borders Marxicans Must Be Happy with Obama
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One of my mottos in life is “You can learn a lot by making a list,” so I appreciate a good one that lays down the facts in a thorough way. The following article is a helpful accounting of what Obama has done to destroy America using his enormous powers as President.

After all, in Obama’s mind America is nothing special, so why not ruin it for short-term politics to please his rapacious cronies?

President Obama’s Immigration To-Do List Is Almost Complete, Fox News, By Bob Dane and Kristen Williamson, November 13, 2011

Advocates for open borders and illegal alien amnesty must be pleased. President Obama has accomplished almost everything on their Wish List, short of a massive amnesty bill. But the president’s checklist achieves almost the same thing, of course without Congressional approval. Public demand for secure borders and interior enforcement has been ignored while Congress’s constitutional authority to regulate immigration has been simply bypassed.

To date, the scope of President Obama’s immigration to-do list is shocking and nearly complete:

Enact backdoor amnesty
– Accomplish administratively what is not possible legislatively.
- Issue new ICE memos radically changing deportation policies.
- Create clandestine interagency working group to review 300,000 pending removal cases. Use new deportation polices to justify dismissing most.
- Grant work authorization to illegal aliens allowed to stay.
- Focus enforcement only on violent criminal aliens. Release most others and suggest that immigration violations, in and of themselves, are of little consequence.

Intimidate every state that dares to enforce existing federal immigration laws
– Sue Alabama, Arizona and South Carolina. Threaten other states even thinking about enacting immigration bills.
- Claim federal preemption precludes states from participating in enforcement while simultaneously preventing federal authorities from enforcing the law. Create chaos and constitutional crisis when no one is allowed to do it!

Allow state and local law enforcement to thwart federal authorities
– Ignore Illinois, Massachusetts and New York efforts to stop participating in the Secure Communities program.
- Do not intervene in sanctuary cities that impede federal immigration enforcement.

Continue to push blanket amnesty in Congress
– Encourage Senate Democrats to pass the DREAM Act. Blame Republicans each time it fails.
- Include DREAM Act beneficiaries in the aforementioned new administrative amnesty policies – just in case the American public and Congress reject the bill, yet again.

Falsely claim that the border is secure
– Declare the border is secure, despite only 32 miles of the 700 mile double fence being completed.
- Scale back transportation checks at hubs along the northern and southern borders. Ignore national security implications of doing so

Allow illegal and legal immigrants to displace American workers
– Do not include E-Verify in any jobs or economic plans.
- Ignore 9 percent unemployment and continue blindly conceding to big business and tech industry demands for higher levels of legal immigration.
- End pro-active worksite enforcement operations except for auditing I-9s.
- Lift ban on cross-border trucking agreement with Mexico.

Yes, the special interests are quite pleased. Although this is not to be confused with being satisfied which they never will be until the United States abolishes all barriers to entry, all criteria for admission, and abrogates national sovereignty.

Congress must reassert its authority and responsibility to regulate immigration laws before the complete and permanent dismantling of all immigration enforcement becomes the final checked item on Obama’s to-do list.

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