Is Chivalry To The Podhoretz Clan Worthwhile?
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I see Steve Sailer has chivalrously promoted the blog Bad Rachel, the latest venture of the Podhoretz media conglomerate.

As Steve notes, Rachel Abrams is the sister of the John Podhoretz, famous for his hysterical  hostility to Steve’s Katrina coverage, and of course Elliot Abram’s wife.

This is the Elliot Abrams last discussed by me in  "Neocon's Neocon" trading Haitian deluge here for Israeli favors?  – supporting the importation of dysfunctional immigrants for reasons beyond the ambit to discuss.

Peter Brimelow was also memorably chivalrous (and I think correct) in his NR discussion of Abrams’ book:
Review of Undue Process: A Story of How Political Differences Are Turned into Crimes. By Elliott Abrams

"Elliott Abrams was only 43 last fall when he was rushed to the hospital from special prosecutor Lawrence Walsh's office in Walsh's official limousine. (Walsh was worried about his image. An earlier victim had attempted suicide.)

…that poor fluttering heart cries out for attention…it is a reminder that democratic politics is not just a spectator sport. At times, it is literally more than flesh and blood can bear."

I am not aware of any reciprocal chivalry from the highly influential Podheretz clan

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