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Yesterday, we remembered the worst mass murder in American history, 9/11. Immigrant Mass Murder is just one of the many Perils of Diversity of which Prof. Byron M. Roth warns in this month's Book Club feature.

An excerpt from Perils of Diversity: Immigration and Human Nature pp. 297:
The West insists that it is not making war on Muslims per se, but only against radical Islamist organizations. But Muslims do not see it that way and act as if they are at war with the West.
It is hard to understand why Europe fails to consider the potential dangers their current immigration policies invite. But, on the other hand, European leaders blundered into both World Wars in the twentieth century and were totally unprepared for either their duration or their destructiveness. Are Europe’s leaders today any wiser than their predecessors?
Do you agree? What are your personal experiences with the Perils of Diversity? We're asking all readers to send in their questions to be discussed in an exclusive podcast with the author, Byron Roth, and our own James Kirkpatrick.
Now is your opportunity to participate! Send in your questions to [email protected] by Sept 16th to be read and discussed on the show!
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