<em>Pittsburgh-Tribune Review</em> On Subsidizing Illegals
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Dimitri Vassilaros of the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review has a story about the decision by Mayor William D. Euille and the City Council of Alexandria, Virginia to continue to "reach out" to illegals, but not to "reach out" to the immigration authorities. His story features a quote from Peter Brimelow.

This is a flagrant attempt to commandeer taxpayer dollars to subsidize colonization, says Peter Brimelow, editor of the immigration Web site vdare.com.

"The mayor says, 'We are reaffirming and recommitting our services and outreach to international citizens.' " Mr. Brimelow asks, "What's an international citizen?"[Subsidized illegals' colonization, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, October 12, 2007]

Read the whole thing, and ask yourself why is it that you get better immigration reporting from the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review than from the New York Times?

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