One in Seven US Residents Is Now Foreign Born
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On Friday, Tucker Carlson commented on a new immigration numbers report that indicates borders are more open than ever before. He clearly thinks that President Trump has failed on the #1 most important promise of his campaign, namely to bring order to immigration. But the borders remain a sieve—no thanks to the useless Republican Congress, it should be added.

The number of foreigners residing in America continues to increase with no end in sight.

More than 44 million persons residing in the United States are foreign born, and an excessive number of those got here illegally. It’s not the way a purported “nation of laws” should be protecting its sovereignty.

Plus, we humans are tribal in nature and prefer being around others who speak our language, share our values and understand our jokes. It’s a big lie that Americans need more diversity to enrich our society: that notion is just a marketing ploy of the open borders interests like business that want cheap labor.

If diversity is so wonderful, it wouldn’t need to be praised endlessly. Other than restaurants, diversity is a complete washout.

Besides, the world is full of people who hate Americans so there is also a big safety factor: we certainly shouldn’t be admitting historic unfriendlies like muslims to our territory.

Another factor that should be recognized is that America continuing to admit millions of alleged refugees means there is less pressure for reform in the home countries. We aren’t doing the world a favor by rescuing millions of Third Worlders. Look at Mexico—elites have encouraged the dissatisfied to leave for years in order to chill political change.

In fact, ending immigration entirely should be the goal of Washington lawmakers, since automation promises to make foreign workers unnecessary. But I digress.

Here’s Tucker’s commentary on the recent report on foreigner population growth in America, followed by a predictable argument with an open-borders Mexican.

TUCKER CARLSON: Immigration levels the United States continue to reach new highs: a new report by the Center for Immigration Studies estimates that the current immigrant population in America — legal and illegal — now numbers about 44 1/2 million. That adds up to almost 14 percent of the entire country — that’s the highest percentage since 1910 — in other words, the highest percentage that any living American has ever seen. One in seven US residents was born in a foreign country.

Well, polls show consistently that Americans are not for this: most, when asked, want less immigration than we currently have. A century ago, the last time immigration levels were this high, the public felt the same way. The public always feels that way in every country that has mass immigration at these levels. Since we had a strong democracy at the time, the public got its wish — immigration levels were slashed dramatically, and they stayed low for about half a century.

But America unfortunately isn’t nearly the democracy it once was, so we can’t count on the same thing happening this time. In fact something very different is happening: economic and cultural elites demand more and more immigration, regardless of what the public says it wants.

Just this week in Oregon, for one example, the CEO of Nike, Mark Parker, announced that his company is opposing a proposal to eliminate Oregon’s sanctuary city law. If illegal immigrants don’t have a right to settle in Oregon in total defiance of existing US law, Parker says the state will not be able to attract quote diverse talent. Parker knows what’s going on; he’s a businessman. As long as you fight to drive down wages in the United States and sponsor athletes who protest the flag, the left will give you a pass for running sweatshops overseas, which it does.

The public wants its immigration laws enforced: it said so clearly. They elected Donald Trump to do exactly that but the stranglehold of our elites a small percentage of our population is so strong that the opposite has happened since Trump’s election. America is closer to having open borders now than ever.

Consider this: from October 2016 through September of 2017, more than 94,000 people were caught crossing the US-Mexico border and claimed to be part of a family unit coming from Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras. Now you’d think that illegally entering the United States would be an automatic ticket home and quickly, but you’d be wrong. These people were not sent home, they were allowed to settle in the United States while their cases were resolved which in practical terms means forever.

Of those 94,000 illegal border crossers, only 1500 have been sent back; in other words 98 percent are still here. During the same period 31,000 unaccompanied minors were detained at the border and again 98 percent of them are still here — which means that America effectively, no matter what they’re telling you, has no borders. This is not a secret — word has got out to the rest of the world, and hundreds of thousands of people are taking advantage of this.

This is a crisis. It’s one created by years of deliberate neglect by those in power. Instead of acknowledging it though, the left denies there is a crisis and then works to exacerbate the crisis. Virtually everyone on the left now opposes a wall on the grounds that it would be too effective. Many opposed any sort of border enforcement to the New York City Council just endorsed abolishing ICE on the grounds that too many people get deported, when in fact as you just heard, almost nobody gets deported. It’s a lie. It makes you think maybe there’s another agenda here, one that has nothing to do with what voters want.

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