On PBS, Kris Kobach Ably Defends Trump Candidacy Against Rubio-Supporting Henry Barbour
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Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, a stalwart warrior against the illegal immigrant invasion, has endorsed Donald Trump, and Peter Brimelow has recommended Kobach for the V-P slot. That would be a great choice, rounding out the ticket geographically and adding a first-rate polemicist.

I highly recommend this little segment of the PBS newshour, in which Gwen Ifill (fairly, to her credit) interviews Kris Kobach and pro-Rubio Establishment figure Henry Barbour of the Republican National Committee . If you have time (it’s under nine minutes) watch the interview, if you don’t, read the transcript. The interview was conducted after Super Tuesday and before the latest caucuses and primaries but it’s still quite valid.

The anti-Trumpsters are holding up Marco Rubio as some great conservative. But in this interview, Kris Kobach coolly and concisely makes the case for Donald Trump and the case against Marco Rubio, pointing out Rubio’s support for amnesty and how he told the Florida voters one thing and did another.

Barbour repeats the tired old line that the majority of Republicans are not voting for Trump (in the primaries and polls). But that’s a bogus argument as it could also apply to all the candidates, none of whom has a majority, though Trump is closer than any of them.

Barbour actually brings up the bogus KKK smear against Trump not once but twice, and Kobach calls him on it, pointing out the curious fact that Republicans who use it are adopting the tactics of the Left to attack fellow Republicans.

Kobach makes the case for the Trump candidacy by using both the economic and national security arguments relating to immigration, and points out the Republican Establishment’s rejection of blue collar workers.

All in all, a great interview. Kobach makes such good arguments in such a brief space of time. In a GOP party that was living up to its professed principles, people like Kobach, and not Barbour, would be running things.

Here is the interview Trump’s Super Tuesday victories don’t mean GOP consensus (PBS News Hour, March 2, 2016).



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