On New Year's Day 2023 In Louisville, Rival Black Gangs Fired More Than 600 Rounds In Massive Shootout... Not One Person Was Hit
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Louisville, Kentucky is 67% white and 23% black.

Why does this matter?

Because on January 1, 2023, black gang members engaged in what might be the largest gang shooting in not just Louisville’s history, but even rival the weird mass shooting in Las Vegas in 2017… only this time, more than 600 rounds fired by black shooters didn’t hit one person.

Not one person…

Video of 600 round gang shootout near Louisville apartment complex obtained, WHSV.com, January 17, 2023

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) – For the first time, the public gets to see parts of the biggest gang shooting in Louisville’s history which included 600 rounds of gunfire and more than 40 different types of guns.

The video was released to WAVE News Troubleshooters by a source which asked to not be identified. City officials have refused to release the full video(s) in their possession.

The video was also posted on social media in a thread talking about the shooting. It immediately got several responses from those viewing the video.

The video, which appears to have been taken by a surveillance camera, shows a number of people shooting towards each other behind a shopping center in Hikes Point. Some scatter while getting in cars and peeling away.

The shooting happened after midnight on Jan. 1, 2023, near the Enclave at Breckinridge Apartments, behind the MacMahan Plaza. The incident went unreported by Mayor Craig Greenberg and the Louisville Metro Police Department for 11 days before WAVE NEWS Troubleshooters received a tip and broke the story exclusively.

Numerous sources confirmed to Troubleshooters two gangs had fired more than 600 rounds using at least 40 different types of guns and that it was not a New Year’s Eve dangerous practice of shooting in the air.

No one was shot or killed, because of the distance between shooters, some sources explained. Some officers, speaking off the record called the lack a fatality “a miracle.”

While Troubleshooters were investigating, we found numerous bullet holes at the apartment complex. There where holes in cars, apartment windows and in the walls.

A young mother told WAVE News she heard the gunfire and crawled into her young daughter’s room and yanked her down from her bed in fear she would get shot. She laid on top of her on the floor for what seemed “like forever” she said. She described the gunfire as that from at least one machine gun.

Other residents who we spoke to echoed the terror of hearing the gunfire all around them. One man said he had looked out the window when he heard the shots and quickly backed away.. Moments later, a bullet ran through the window where he had been standing moments prior.

This has been attributed as the largest shootout in the city’s history, by numerous police sources, yet the incident was not mentioned by Greenberg or police despite numerous press conferences about the city’s record-breaking levels of violence.

It was only two days after WAVE News Troubleshooters broke the story that LMPD confirmed information on record. The department had been working on identifying those involved. They made six arrests as of Friday the 13, including two arrests for a murder that happened the month before.

Other arrested were charged with stolen cars, stolen guns and drugs.

The Mayor’s spokesperson on Friday referred to the video released by LMPD through social media. They have still not released the full surveillance video as of this story or explained on record why the video has not been released or the incident publicly addressed.

Imagine if Louisville had no black population, and the aims of the American Colonization Society had long ago secured a peace even Abraham Lincoln himself tried to secure during the Civil War… would this massive gun battle have transpired in this hypothetical all-white Louisville?

Even in 1871, Grant was trying to find a place to relocate freed slaves.

We don’t have to live this way, and watch our major cities become lawless war zone, where black (and other non-white) gangs do battle with one another, making life impossible for white families and white cops to try and maintain standards of white civilization.

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