Old Wine from Old Bags (Correction- Bottles).
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The Irish Savant has been in Stockholm, producing a couple of very depressing blogs.

I've been here nearly two weeks. After a day or two I began to take count of the couples that I saw. I divided them into Swede with Swede, Swede with cultural enricher, and where both were cultural enrichers… I'm not claiming that the figures meet normal statistical sampling standards, but equally when a consistent pattern emerges, day after day, it must mean something.

In all I counted 214 couples. Here's the breakdown:

132 Swede/Swede

24 Both cultural enrichers or else not possible to say

58 Swede/cultural enricher

So there you have it. More than one in four of such liaisons feature a Swede and a cultural enricher. This, looking at it coldly and mathematically, means the death of the Swedish people as we know it. But we realised this anyway…

But he was distracted from this pleasant pastime by reading The Recession’s Racial Divide By BARBARA EHRENREICH and DEDRICK MUHAMMAD The New York Times September 12, 2009 - about which he has produced a devastating critique (Sociologists need their lab rats Saturday 19 September 2009):

You can see what’s coming, of course.

Blacks are ”taking the brunt of the recession’ apparently…Could this be due to the millions of illegal Latino immigrants taking their jobs and working at dirt-level pay?

Apparently not. These possible factors are not mentioned at all, in fact.

Could it be due to the well-documented failings of the black community, poor work ethic, low IQ, high predisposition to criminality, unstable family environment?

No, these are not mentioned either. So what’s the cause. It’s simple. Racism (on the part of whites, I need hardly add).

Leftist bigot Ehrenreich, of course, has been an MSM favorite for years (a couple of left blogs are having ecstasies about this latest piece). But she was born in 1941 and it shows.

As The Irish Savant demonstrates, she is quite unable to grasp the Minority Mortgage Meltdown:

...she moves on to the sub-prime bust. She explains how, for generations, and ”thanks to a legacy of discrimination’, ”solid black citizens’ were denied house loans by mortgage lenders.

Why? Could it have been their well-documented lousy credit ratings? No. This factor was not mentioned.

The real explanation then? More racism.

But there is a problem

...as I read on, I must confess, I get hopelessly confused. Because, just before the sub-prime bust, it seems that those same mortgage lenders, by some mysterious and unexplained mechanism, have turned around 180 degrees…they’re now actually seeking out those very same ”solid black citizens’ to offer them all the money they want to buy houses!

Isn't that remarkable? And isn't it wonderful? Barbara must have been thrilled.

But no — apparently not. It seems that these lenders were greedy unscrupulous capitalist pigs, ”forcing’ loans on confused and vulnerable people, after which they ran cackling all the way to the bank

TIS concludes:

If the greedy capitalists are only interested in grabbing all the money they can (and I agree with her on that one) why did they pass up all those wonderful opportunities with the ”solid black citizens’ over all these years?

Alas, she doesn’t explain.

Ok, the foregoing has been facetious, so let’s get serious for a minute. In the name of Jesus, how can we expect to solve what is a serious problem if we resolutely avert our gaze from the real causes?

("Jesus!" That’s Hate Speech! Wicked Irish Savant!)

Of course, as VDARE.com has repeatedly demonstrated, mass immigration in the past generation has been far and away the worst economic problem experienced by blacks and working people generally. And the trigger for the mortgage crisis was not banking avarice (always present, otherwise they wouldn’t be working at all). It was the foolish actions by the Clinton and Bush administrations to encourage lenders to lower standards and foist complicated financial schemes on people who lacked the capability to understand them.

Barbara Ehrenreich is in a time warp. America is not a gritty but white labor town like Butte MT, where she was born. Neither is it a pre-affirmative action liberal arts college, where no doubt she began her assimilation into this world view.

Peter Brimelow likes to say America will not deal with its modern problems before the generation which became young adults before the 1965 Immigration disaster became obvious has left the scene.

But they could try thinking. Tell Barbara Ehrenreich to stop humming The Ballard of Joe Hill and get up to date. Ask Dedrick Muhammad if he contributed anything to this obsolete nonsense beyond his color

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