OK, Let's Have A National Holiday Of Gratitude for Jewish Immigration—And Get Thanksgiving etc. Back
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From the New York Times, a Thanksgiving sermon:

America: The Redeemer Nation

David Brooks NOV. 23, 2017

We once had a unifying national story, celebrated each Thanksgiving. It was an Exodus story. …

In one brilliant stroke, Lincoln deprives Christian politics of the chauvinism and white identitarianism that we see now on the evangelical right. He fills the vacuum of moral vision that we see now on the relativist left. He shows how American particularism always points to universalism — how the specific features of our settler’s history and culture point to vision of communion for all mankind.

Reading the columns of David Brooks, Bret “I have always thought of the United States as a country that belongs first to its newcomers” Stephens, and Roger Cohen, I now realize we should have a national holiday celebrating the immigration of their ancestors to the United States.

This National Day of Adulation and Gratitude for Jewish Immigration might be the only hope of keeping them from trying so hard to convert every other American national holiday into an occasion for their own ethnocentric ancestor worship.

Worse, instead of frankly admitting that they really, really like their own kind, the Brookses, Stephens, and Cohens feel compelled to concoct elaborate globalist theories about why every single American national holiday is a mandate for letting in not just their forefathers, but every scimitar-waving Muslim on earth.

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