Off Topic: Theology, Schmeology
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This is not a religious website, and I fondly imagine that’s readership includes every shade of religious thought from Tantric ecstatics to stone atheists.

My own convictions in this zone are New Mysterian.  On the evidence I’ve seen, Homo sap. is just one more branch on the tree of life, with not much more ability to grasp What It All Means than the average Jack Russell terrier.  We are better advised to just get on with life and not think about it too much.  I am aware of contrary arguments, but don’t find them persuasive.

I thus don’t hold theology in very high regard, though I can see that it is an enjoyable and status-boosting word game for certain human types in certain milieus (milieux, whatever).

Razib Khan (the only acquaintance of mine to have received a Madrassah education) agrees, though he expresses it better and at more length than I could manage while staying awake.  Sample:

Not only do I believe that the theologies of all religion are false, but I believe that they’re predominantly just intellectual foam generated from the churning of broader social and historical forces. Some segments of the priestly class will always find institutional politics exhausting, mystical experience out of their character, and legal commentaries excessively mundane. These will be drawn to philosophical dimension of religious phenomena.

[Razib’s boldface.]   



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