October Surprise on Amnesty from Exiting Boehner?
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Many NYT editorials are run as part of a marketing campaign in conjunction with politicians who want to be seen as responding to public opinion, so I can’t tell whether this is just wishful thinking on the part of Carlos Slim’s minions or whether the fix might really be in on amnesty:

Mr. Boehner’s October Miracle?


… Mr. Boehner is free of them now. And so now is his chance. In the days he has left, he can revive immigration reform. He can pass the large-scale, comprehensive overhaul that lawmakers had worked on for years, a bill that passed the Senate in 2013 with strong bipartisan support and could have been sent to President Obama’s desk but for the obduracy of the nativist right in the House and Mr. Boehner’s unwillingness to call a vote. …

Prodding dead legislation to life in a period of great fractiousness — Donald Trump’s moment has not passed — with only a few weeks to act, is a lot to ask for. It is not procedurally impossible, but it would be nothing less than an October miracle. But Mr. Boehner, a Roman Catholic, has fresh in his mind the image of an exemplary leader with the power to move people to extraordinary things through his example and stirring words.

Mr. Boehner gets emotional when talking about Pope Francis, who used his brief time in the United States to deliver, among other things, an urgent plea to Congress to be welcoming and decent to immigrants, to bring them in from the edges of society, for the benefit of all.

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