Oct 26: Another 60% Romney White Share Sighting! And 3% Overall Leads
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I said yesterday that the outlying 62% Romney white share found by QStarNews was what would be needed for a substantial overall Romney victory. However, Romney had been stuck in the mediocre mid-50s range typical of post-Reagan GOP candidates, far below Reagan's 64% in 1984 or the Congressional GOP candidates 60% in 2010. (More comparisons here—scroll down).

Well, last night, there was another 60% sighting, from an impeccable Establishment source. And two more polls now show Romney's overall lead at 3%, still just within the margin of error, but getting uncomfortable for Democrats.

  • Rasmussen Reports this morning (Oct. 26) shows Romney ahead of Obama 50-47.

Rasmussen points out that this is the fourth consecutive day Romney has been at the 50% level, for a three or four point lead.

Rasmussen Report's Premium Platinum subscribers show that Romney's white share up a point to 58%, for a nineteen-point lead over Obama.

  • ABC News/Washington Post last night showed Romney ahead of Obama, 50-47.

The ABC/WaPo data sheet comes with a commentary that notes this is the first time this poll has shown Romney at 50%. It emphasizes his lead is still within the margin of error—in fact, it says a six-point lead would be needed for statistical significance—but concedes he has momentum, which (typical of MSM discourse) it attributes to perceptions on the economy and among independents.

Again, the data sheet does not provide racial breakdowns. But the commentary does mention Romney's white share: a very high (for him) 60%.

It adds:

Polarization, meantime, is extreme; Obama is at a new high in support among nonwhites, 80 percent...

This, of course, is the real story of modern American politics.

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