Obnoxious Quotes, And Quoters
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In his list of The 40 Most Obnoxious Quotes For 2005 rightwing blogger John Hawkins(send him mail) includes things we can all agree are obnoxious, and has quotations not only from liberals, but from conservatives he disapproves of.

He includes one from Steve Sailer, at number 12:

"In contrast to New Orleans, there was only minimal looting after the horrendous 1995 earthquake in Kobe, Japan—because, when you get down to it, Japanese aren't blacks." — Steve Sailer

Somewhat annoyingly, he links, not to the actual column, so people can get the context, but to an earlier laundry list, which links to a still earlier post, so by the time you finally get a link to Steve's column, you may have given up. You can read Steve's reply to his critics here: More On The New Orleans Nightmare: Why We Have To Talk About Racial Reality Even If John Podhoretz Says We Can’t.

My pick for most obnoxious quote from Hawkins's list is this:

21) "We want our Border Patrol agents chasing, you know, crooks and thieves and drug-runners and terrorists, not good-hearted people who are coming here to work. And therefore, it makes sense to allow the good-hearted people who are coming here to do jobs that Americans won't do a legal way to do so. And providing that legal avenue, it takes the pressure off the border." — George Bush explains that we don't want the Border Patrol to actually stop illegal aliens

You see, it won't matter in a hundred years if Steve says something about New Orleans that's offensive to neoconservatives, or if John Hawkins says something that must be offensive to the Japanese, who, whatever their natural advantages, work very hard not to be like the former population of New Orleans.

But if the President, the Commander in Chief, and ex officio head of the Border Patrol, refuses to enforce the law, or guard the borders, that will matter in a hundred years. Assuming America is still here for it to matter to.

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