Obama Wants Banks to Use More "Subjective Judgment" in Handing Out Mortgages
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From the Washington Post:

Obama administration pushes banks to make home loans to people with weaker credit

By Zachary A. Goldfarb April 2, 2013

The Obama administration is engaged in a broad push to make more home loans available to people with weaker credit, an effort that officials say will help power the economic recovery but that skeptics say could open the door to the risky lending that caused the housing crash in the first place.

… In response, administration officials say they are working to get banks to lend to a wider range of borrowers by taking advantage of taxpayer-backed programs — including those offered by the Federal Housing Administration — that insure home loans against default.

Housing officials are urging the Justice Department to provide assurances to banks, which have become increasingly cautious, that they will not face legal or financial recriminations if they make loans to riskier borrowers who meet government standards but later default.

Officials are also encouraging lenders to use more subjective judgment in determining whether to offer a loan …

I thought businesses were  supposed to use less “subjective judgment” to reduce discrimination due to all that systemic racism white privilege bad juju radiating about? I can’t wait to see what Genius T. Coates has to say in 2036 about how the last 20 years were all the fault of People Who Think They Are White putting the evil eye on Black Bodies.

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