Obama Vs. The Neocons Over Iran
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iSteve commenter Patrick McNally speculates:

… When Barack Obama entered office there was a strong sense among US Jews, and even among many Jews worldwide, that this was going to be a time of celebrating the famed Black-Jewish Alliance which had been so important to the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and ’60s and was now culminating in the 1st black President.

As it was however, Obama came into office precisely supported by people who had been most ticked off with the role of JINSA in the Bush II administrations and in pushing for the Iraq war. I don’t mean ordinary shmucks like us. I mean people in the CFR [Council of Foreign Relations] like John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt. Even more important, higher up people in things like the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission and such were all pretty irked at the way that the neocon-Likudnik alliance had brought a war in Iraq which they had not wanted. Someone like Zbigniew Brzezinski saw Obama as a way of turning the screws back on the Israel lobby.

Obama was extremely WASP by upbringing (e.g., his highly-competent grandfather’s brother was named Dr. Ralph Waldo Emerson Dunham) and probably was subject to less Jewish influence than most Presidents since George H.W. Bush or JFK or Ike.

Because of this the 8 years which Obama spent in office were largely dominated by an ongoing conflict with Netanyahu. What the Likud had wanted was a prompt invasion of Iran, to be delivered by John McCain. Obama refused to do this and instead set about negotiating with Iran. Don’t imagine that every corporate “globalist” is really interested in a war with Iran. Jewish neocons and the Likud have certain special agendas which can sometimes piss off a lot of important people in the CFR. Obama’s 8 years in office played out this conflict on a major level.

But what is even more important is the way that this affected the psyche of most ordinary Jews across the USA, and even around the world. Like I said, these people had voted for Obama specifically with the vision that the great past trend of blacks and Jews marching together was reaching a culmination point. They simply did not know to cope with the reality of the 1st black President being wrapped up in a major conflict of interest with the Prime Minister of Israel. The only psychological point of escape for them was “white racism.”

They couldn’t actually accuse Obama of being a white racist, although if any President had had as much conflict with Netanyahu as Obama did then they would certainly have branded him as a “neonazi.” But instead these Jews became more and more obsessed with the implicit idea that behind all of the tensions between Obama and Netanyahu there must be white racists lurking somewhere. When a gushing pro-Likud white-skinned candidate appeared on the scene in the form of Donald Trump they knew that they had found the source of the problem. Hating Trump and hating all Trump-voters was above all a way of writing out of memory the way that conflict between Obama and Netanyahu had broken out right from the start.

While all of this began simply as psychological turmoil within the US Jewish populace, as things went on Obama found that he was forced to respond to it and even to play up to it. Obama came to realize that as long as he gave a nod to the idea that “yes, white racism is really the problem” then he would be allowed to defy Netanyahu’s demands for an attack on Iran and instead negotiate a deal with Tehran. But if he tried saying overtly the things which Mearsheimer and Walt had publicized, then he could be charged with “antisemitism.” So hitting on the white Goy became a work-around tool for making Jews accept his conflict with Netanyahu as something which was legitimate.

More generally, stoking hatred of the average white man is the Democrats’ go-to strategy for keeping their otherwise circular firing squad of the Coalition of the Margins together. I’ve been pointing out this basic game-theory logic for over 8 years, but it seems baffling to most Republicans.

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