Obama Throws Down the Gauntlet—Unilateral Amnesty By Christmas? And What Will RedState and Conservatism Inc. Do?
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One of the most widely retweeted reactions (including by us) to last night's Republican victory came from Ron Fournier of the National Journal - Today comes news that President Obama intends to do precisely that.
President Barack Obama is standing by his pledge to act on his own to reduce deportations and improve border security by the end of the year. Obama says he will take his own steps despite election results that gave Republicans control of Congress.

He says he prefers congressional action but that he has shown patience and has tried to work in a bipartisan fashion.

[Obama reiterates pledge to act on immigration on his own by year's end, Associated Press, November 5, 2014]

Even Rich Lowry of National Review is calling this "Blackmail as Conciliation."  [November 5, 2014]

But why shouldn't Obama do this?  From the beginning, his regime has governed as what it is — a Minority Occupation Government.  The main obstacle to his agenda is the physical existence of the historic American nation.  Even Republican activists like Erick Erickson recognize this, hence his widely retweeted (and condemned) quote,

And as Erickson accurately puts it,

Of course, Erickson and RedState have also been cracking down on open discussion of immigration and demographic realities recently.  And writers like Leon Wolf think the best way to stop Obama is to do his dirty work for him by passing amnesty and electing a new people.  So if Obama does do the immigration executive order, what are RedState and other Conservatism Inc. outlets going to do about it?

The Beltway Right knows perfectly well who votes for them and who doesn't.  They know perfectly well the permanent consequences of the historical American nation's dispossession.  They just want to run out the clock — and leave the problem to the next generation.

Am I being too harsh?  Only if we actually see some actual resistance from the American Right if Obama goes through with his executive order — meaning condemnation, defunding, and above all, impeachment.

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