Obama's Patriotism Speech
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Obama gave a big speech on patriotism in Independence, Missouri, the equivalent of his then-much celebrated race speech in Philadelphia.

On a spring morning in April of 1775, a simple band of colonists ... They did so not on behalf of a particular tribe or lineage, but on behalf of a larger idea. The idea of liberty. ...

Throughout my life, I have always taken my deep and abiding love for this country as a given.

I guess this is how he would explain that there is absolutely no mention of his deep and abiding love for his country in his 442-page autobiographical "Story of Race and Inheritance:" It's "a given." He didn't have any room to mention it.

Of course, nobody will ever ask him about it.

It was how I was raised;

"They are not my people."—Stanley Ann Dunham Obama Soetoro, on why she wouldn't attend her second husband's business dinners with Americans.

it is what propelled me into public service;

You're in Missouri, so show me. Show me which page of your autobiography says your entry into "public service" was motivated by patriotism rather than racialism.

it is why I am running for President. And yet, at certain times over the last sixteen months, I have found, for the first time, my patriotism challenged - at times as a result of my own carelessness, more often as a result of the desire by some to score political points and raise fears about who I am and what I stand for.

So let me say at this at outset of my remarks. I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign. And I will not stand idly by when I hear others question mine.
Isn't that big of Obama? He won't question the Hanoi Hilton survivor's patriotism if nobody will question his. What could be fairer than that?
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