Obama's 'Fundamentally Transformed' America Will Not Be Second-Amendment Friendly
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A future Mexicanized and liberally diverse America will likely be different in ways that most citizens have not imagined, beyond the presence of an imported voting block that will vote Democrat no matter what. Hispanics are culturally inclined to big government which makes them perfect liberals, along with their other drawbacks, like disinterest in education, fondness for violence and general corruption.

Hispanic immigrants dont come from a firearm-positive culture like Americas, where guns are used responsibly by citizens for self-defense and as a firewall against government tyranny. Mexican cartels do like guns well enough for criminal applications, and the Mexico City Catholic church runs yearly disarmament drives to remove weapons.

Many gun rights advocates in this country have ignored the threat posed by the demographic changes forced upon the nation by elite-sponsored immigration. Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA) is an exception. In 2013, he remarked, If you bring a whole bunch of Democrats into the country, most of them are going to vote to take away our guns and in a few years thats exactly what would happen, so we dont want the other problems that come with that. Just from a Second Amendment point of view, we have a dog in that fight. (As filmed by RightWingWatch).

Pratt recently announced in an online radio show that GOA will begin to include politicians amnesty position as a part of their Second Amendment ratings.

Gun Owners of America to score amnesty votes in politician gun ratings, Examiner, March 2, 2015

News that can help shape the political landscape of the gun rights advocacy community was broken last night on the nationally-syndicated Armed American Radio program, when Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, announced GOA will begin scoring politicians on their support or opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens.

GOA has been alone among national gun rights groups warning that a “pathway to citizenship” will provide for millions of new anti-gun voters with the electoral clout to undo all hard-won legislative and judicial gains gun owners have enjoyed in recent years. That the administration is working toward that and other agenda goals is corroborated by what Homeland Security Jeh Johnson told the United Conference of Mayors, when he maintained that “the approximately 11 million people who are in the country illegally have ‘earned the right to be citizens.’”

The danger of allowing that to happen was emphasized recently by Oregon’s Rep. Kurt Schrader, who declared immigration “will decide who is in charge of this country for the next 20 or 30 years.” Plus, Obamas counting on that.

The discussion took place in the third hour of the program, beginning at the 45-minute mark. I was one of the panelists, along with Pratt, host Mark Walters, Neil W, McCabe of Human Events, and blogger, trainer and gun authority George “Mad Ogre” Hill. Referencing back to a guest from the second hour, Georgia Congressman Doug Collins, I regretted not being able to establish his position on joining with so-called “Republican rebels” and separating Barack Obama’s amnesty from Department of Homeland Security funding.

“I know that there are pro-gun politicians that get A-ratings and things like that, but should not amnesty also be a part of the way that these people are scored?” I asked Pratt.

“Well the answer you’re going to get from us at GOA is absolutely, it should be a part of scoring, and it’s something that we plan on including in our rating of Congress this next year, because as weve already discussed, if we don’t block this amnesty move now, before we get five, eight-million previously illegal aliens now voting 85 percent anti-gun Democrats, that’s the ballgame,” Pratt replied. “That’s it.

“We lose our Second Amendment, it doesnt matter whether it’s still in the Constitution in writing or not,” he continued. “The National Archives can’t protect it from this kind of assault.”

At that point, legislative and judicial avenues will be closed, and all gun owners will need to make a decision that carries terrible personal consequences.

GOA’s decision will offer further contrast with the way political grades are assigned by the larger National Rifle Association. With NRA Executive Vice President Wayne LaPierre telling the Conservative Political Action Conference that “[T]o defend firearm freedom, we need more than just firearm freedom One right depends on another,” with a recent NRA advertising campaign promoting the message that all rights are connected, and with NRA’s bylaws mandating the organization to “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States [and] promote public safety, law and order, and the national defense,” the continued “single issue” excuse for avoiding amnesty is neither consistent nor credible.

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