Obama's Betrayal Of Libya Undid Bush's One Foreign Policy Success
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The Duke of Wellington said of his men "I don't know what effect these men will have upon the enemy, but, by God, they frighten me."

That's how many conservatives feel about George Bush. But the Duke's men did frighten the enemy, and one man Bush did frighten was Muammar Gadhafi.

Gadhafi, viewing the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan decided that now was a really good time to forswear terrorism and weapons of mass destruction and make nice.

Then Obama and Hillary stabbed him in the back. Ann Coulter explains:

Libya Commemorates 9/11

By Ann Coulter

September 12, 2012

When President Obama intervened in Libya last year, he claimed that "it's in our national interest to act" to remove a tyrant who — in response to Bush's invasion of Iraq — had just given up his weapons of mass destruction and pledged to be America's BFF.

Apparently Gadhafi neglected to also tell Obama, "I've got your back."

Obama said: "We must stand alongside those who believe in the same core principles that have guided us through many storms ... our support for a set of universal rights, including the freedom for people to express themselves and choose their leaders; our support for the governments that are ultimately responsive to the aspirations of the people."

The Libyan mob was the equivalent of our founding fathers! (If you overlook the part about it being a murderous Islamic mob.)

Meanwhile, Michael Scheuer, former head of the CIA's Bin Laden unit, said: "The people we are fighting for in Libya, the backbone of that movement, are former mujahedeen from around the world." We are "enabling people who may not be formally aligned with al-Qaida but who want the same things to grasp ever closer to power."

Scheuer said the media had taken "a few English-speaking Arabs who are pro-democracy and a few Facebook pages out of the Middle East and extrapolated that to a region-wide love of secular democracy," adding, "It is as insane a situation as I've ever encountered in my life."

No wonder Obama's running for re-election on his foreign policy expertise! [More]

See also my January 2011 post Soon To Be The Late President Of Egypt?, which asks if America's allies are allowed to use force to defend themselve against violent revolution.

If the late Colonel Gadhafi was evil for shooting rioters trying to overthrow his government, then Obama can't say to the current Libyan Government "Why didn't you shoot the Embassy attackers?" They'd say "We thought you didn't like shooting rioters."

Lawrence Auster has no sympathy for the late Ambassador—see his post on it here.

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