Obama's Administrative Amnesty Coup D'etat: GOP Georgia Delegation MIA
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Over two weeks have passed since the Obama Adminstrative Amnesty Coup D'etat . With no response from the GOP Presidential aspirants, and with a rare exception almost none from the GOP Congresscritters, the MSM, after a brief celebration, has happily sent it down the Memory Hole.

All the more praise then, is due to our old friend D.A.King, who managed to place a valuable discussion of this atrocity as an Op-Ed in the Macon Telegraph: Republican delegation silent on Obama anti-enforcement effort Thursday September 01, 2011

D.A. starts with a succinct discussion of the mechanics of what he accurately describes as a

"reversal and defiance of laws put in place by Congress."

and then goes on to reveal a horrible fact:

"The natural assumption for readers would be to expect outraged reaction from Georgia’s conservative-elected officials in Congress including outraged press releases, informative posts explaining Obama’s anti-enforcement move and the assurance of oversight hearing, investigations and strongly worded protests.

This long-time American just spent the last hour or so carefully checking the websites of the entire Georgia Republican delegation — both U.S. senators and all GOP House representatives.

I reserve the remainder of this space for listing the press releases I found in that area as of noonish Friday, Aug. 26."

That ends the article. None of the GOP heroes representing Georgia have uttered a squeak. This is particularly deplorable since the Georgia delegation is actually one of the best, with five of the fifteen members A+ or A in the current Numbers USA ranking.

These people need waking up.

D.A. has also found a gem for the Birthright Citizenship debate in the new guidelines:

"The guidelines for the anti-deportation order include…

whether the person or the person’s spouse is pregnant or nursing...

The last little gem about either being “pregnant or nursing” changes a long-used and very accurate term. “Anchor baby” is now “anchor fetus.”

The White House has now given official acceptance to the angry and defiant howl “you can’t deport me, I have an American citizen child” and expanded it to include a child of any nationality or origin."

The Obama guidelines make clear the Administration is refusing to consider deporting anyone unless they have actually been convicted of some other (serious) crime. Congress has been short circuited and the Bush Amnesty Wars rendered futile. There is no point in detaining an illegal alien.

Where is the outrage?


H/T One Old Vet

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