Obama Running As The "City Of Detroit" Candidate: Has This Been Fully Thought Through?
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John Dickerson writes in Slate:


Detroit for President? 

Is the "Halftime in American" ad a preview of Obama's Re-election Campaign?

Did the first Obama re-election ad run during the Super Bowl? You might have missed it since the president wasn't even mentioned. It was a Chrysler ad, although even that wasn’t obvious. Instead, more than 111 million viewers were greeted by that tough-talking American icon Clint Eastwood as he delivered what amounted to a locker room speech to the country. “It's halftime in America,” he intoned, as the New York Giants and New England Patriots went in for their midgame break. He heralded the auto industry’s revival and said it is a model for a nation poised for a comeback. By the end of the stirring message, pollsters could probably have found a majority of the country ready to elect the city of Detroit president.

Since the Motor City is not on the ballot, the president would like you to consider him as a possible substitute.
Let's try out Obama's victory speech next November:
"This was the moment when the grass began to grow over our cities and the prairie began to return to our streets." 
I'm just not seeing it. But, then, what do I know?
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