Obama Running As The "City Of Detroit" Candidate: Has This Been Fully Thought Through?
February 07, 2012, 09:07 PM
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John Dickerson writes in Slate:


Detroit for President? 

Is the "Halftime in American" ad a preview of Obama`s Re-election Campaign?

Did the first Obama re-election ad run during the Super Bowl? You might have missed it since the president wasn`t even mentioned. It was a Chrysler ad, although even that wasn’t obvious. Instead, more than 111 million viewers were greeted by that tough-talking American icon Clint Eastwood as he delivered what amounted to a locker room speech to the country. “It`s halftime in America,” he intoned, as the New York Giants and New England Patriots went in for their midgame break. He heralded the auto industry’s revival and said it is a model for a nation poised for a comeback. By the end of the stirring message, pollsters could probably have found a majority of the country ready to elect the city of Detroit president.

Since the Motor City is not on the ballot, the president would like you to consider him as a possible substitute.
Let`s try out Obama`s victory speech next November:
"This was the moment when the grass began to grow over our cities and the prairie began to return to our streets." 
I`m just not seeing it. But, then, what do I know?