If The Mexican Ambassador Is Armenian, And The Alabama Economist Is Ghanaian, What Are Americans Supposed To Think?
February 07, 2012, 09:31 PM
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Arturo Sarukhan [Message him on Twitter]is excited by the idea that it illegals leave Alabama, Alabama will somehow lose money, and he's furiously Tweeting in English and español the results of a study by the University Of Alabama Treason Lobby economist Samuel N, Addy [Email him] which says that Alabama could lose $5.6 billion dollars in revenue from the missing illegals. As I noted previously, Dr. Addy is an immigrant from Ghana, taking a job that could be done by an American. (Because of university diversity policies, Dr. Addy is displacing an African-American.)

Ambassador Sarukhan is an Armenian. That is, he's Mexican national of Armenian descent, who has spoken to Armenian-Americans asking them to have solidarity with Mexican immigrants. He's displacing all the regular Mexicans in the Mexican Diplomatic Corps who would like to be Ambassador to Washington.

I don't see why Alabamans should pay attention.

Arturo Sarukhan
If undocumented migrants leave AL because of , the state might lose up to $5.8 billion in revenue
Arturo Sarukhan
Si migrantes indocumentados dejan Alabama por , el estado perdería hasta $5.8 mil millones de dólares en ingresos
Arturo Sarukhan
Report by highlights dramatic economic & fiscal impact to AL if undocumented immigrants leave due to
Arturo Sarukhan
Estudio de U de Alabama destaca severo impacto fiscal y al crecimiento económico estatal por aplicación de
Arturo Sarukhan

Report by shows that could cost AL between 70-140,000 jobs & won’t reduce unemployment