Obama Regime War On Whites Continues
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White collar workers that is, who, by the way, are predominently white, as are gun owners in Florida and police officers in Cambridge, MA. Here we have white collar workers as a stand in for white people in general.  We all know that Barack Hussein Obama only cares for people who look like him and he has a deep seated hatred of whites, whether they be white Cambridge police officers or white Hispanics from Florida. 

But Obama's hatred extends to all employed white Americans.  We know the deep seated hatred for working class whites who cling to their God and gun, but the Obama Regime war on whites extends to the upper middle-class educated workers, supposedly one of the few white groups to support him.  But this is a group of white college graduates not with a useless degree in sociology or Marxism Studies, but engineers. 

To wit we have another case of the Obama Regime violating the law in order to punish whites.  The Regime has ordered U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to allow Boeing to continue its immigration fraud of using alien engineers to perform work in the United States on a B-1 business visitor visa.  Sometime ago CBP broke up a Boeing sponsored alien smuggling operation that brought Russian engineers to the United States to perform day-to-day labor in the United States, replacing white-collar educated Americans and simultaneously driving down wages.  Talk about a War on Men, American men.  Although I do understand there are some female engineers at Boeing, so this is part of the Democrat War on Women as well.  Just ask Mittens wife. 

This blog reported the courageous action by CBP to stand up to the well connected alien smugglers and bad corporate citizen, but it was only a matter of time before Boeing got what they wanted.  Cheap illegal alien labor.  Perhaps part of the settlement of the NLRB issue?

Seattle Times April 14, 2012 by Dominic Gates

Russian Engineers, Once Turned Back, Now Flowing To Boeing Again

 Meanwhile, the policy remains. CBP spokesman Mike Milne said the agency hasn't changed border-control procedures since the October incident, and neither he nor Boeing would comment on their discussions to resolve the matter.

Yet the outcome is that Russian engineers are again flowing unimpeded through Sea-Tac to work — or not to work — in Everett.

Data that SPEEA gets from Boeing show about 250 Russian contract engineers have entered the country at Boeing's invitation since the October incident.

But at least for now, the number here is smaller than it had been. According to SPEEA's data, the Russian contractor contingent in Everett in mid-March numbered 75 engineers, down from 190 in September.

Of course, the alleged investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) of Boeing for aliens smuggling and visa fraud was a farce.  In an unprecendented move, the investigating ICE Special Agent was allowed to be interviewed.  That violates ICE policy of having all comments on investigations come from either the press officer or the Special Agent in Charge.

A federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) investigation into the Sea-Tac incident found no fault with either the passport-control officials or Boeing.

Adam Anderson, the ICE special agent who conducted the investigation, said in an interview that based on what the CPB agents were told, "the visas were improper at the time" and so "the turn-backs, by the sheer face value of them, were appropriate."

He characterized the airport confrontation as "a communications error between what CBP's officers were hearing and what the Russian workers were saying," largely due to "cultural differences."

On the other hand, Anderson said the ICE investigation also exonerated the company, finding "Boeing did nothing wrong."

Which is absurd.  If the refusal of the entry of the Russian engineers was valid, then Boeing is guilty of smuggling because the deported Russian engineers admitted under oath that they were instructed to lie to CBP officers at the airport.  They admitted not only lying but that their intention was to perform work in the United States in violation of the laws of the United States.  There was a conspiracy between Boeing and their overseas employees to violate American immigration law.  Of course, the Regime is not interested in enforcing immigration laws, just as it is not interested in enforcing DOMA.

Furthermore, if the problem was a communication error based on cultural differences, then the deportations were not lawful.  You can't have it both ways.  It is impossible.  It is either one or the other.  Either the Russian engineers were committing fraud with the assistance of Boeing or they weren't.  There  is no cultural difference excuse for immigration fraud.  And we all know the culture of lies and contempt for the rule of law that exists in Russia.  You cannot explain away that cultural diffence.

But the purpose of the Obama Regime is electing a new people and if American engineers at Boeing and other companies have to be sacrified for the Obama Revolution, then that is the cost of the Obama Revolution, just as it is waging war on James Crowley and George Zimmerman.

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