Obama Plans Massive Increase of Unscreenable Syrian Refugees
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There’s no better way to “fundamentally change” America, as Obama promised, than to open wide the gates to historic enemies, in particular to Muslims who have been at war with Western civilization for a millennium. Why else would he welcome hundreds of thousands of foreigners whom FBI Director Comey says cannot be screened?

The proposed increase is no surprise though: last September Secretary of State Kerry announced the US “will significantly increase our numbers for refugee resettlement in the course of this next year and the year after.”

The experience of Europe over the last little while should be a reminder that admitting Muslims into communities invites violence (particularly against women) and death. ISIS leaders in the Middle East have used the crisis to smuggle their jihadists in among actual war refugees. An earlier time had Charles Martel to protect Europe from the barbarian hordes; today German Chancellor Merkel is encouraging their invasion. On Tuesday, NATO commander and US General Philip Breedlove testified to Congress that ISIS ideology is “spreading like cancer” among refugees.

Americans are told by open borders elites that we do immigration better than Europe. But there have been plenty of failures that show the lie of that idea at least where Muslims are involved. Most recently, the two San Bernardino jihadists (half immigrant) showed their gratitude to America by murdering 14 co-workers of the husband. Another failure of assimilation: young Somali men have been leaving Minnesota for years to pursue jihad in their homeland. Plus, there are the honor killings, support for sharia rather than the Constitution, and general increased crime and social dysfunction.

Nevertheless, Obama intends to leave his mark on this country for years into the future by increasing anti-American diversity.

Obama Plans to Bring Thousands More Syrian Refugees into the U.S., Breitbart.com, March 2, 2016

President Barack Obama has been quietly pushing new plans to bring thousands of additional Syrian refugees into the country, despite the concerns of state and county officials and the outrages committed by welfare-dependent migrants in Europe.

Obama’s special assistant to the president for immigration policy, Felicia Escobar, recently announced plans to increase America’s intake of migrants, according to the Washington Examiner.

“We want to make sure that we can increase our numbers of refugees that are able to settle here,” Escobar said. “The need globally is so, so, so massive right now, given all the displacement and conflict around the world, but we also know that we have to do it in a way that’s smart.”

Federal law already allows the administration to bring in 10,000 Syrian refugees a year, but many states and local county administrations have complained that once the Obama administration places refugees among them, few resources are available to deal with them.

The influx is very unpopular, according to polls. Also, nearly all immigrants from the Middle East are dependent on welfare. Some migrant and some second-generation Muslim Americans also embrace jihad.

A lack of communication on the placement of migrants also exists. In Greeley, Colorado, Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway recently noted, “Many times we don’t even know that relocation is taking place until it’s going on.”

A chart made earlier this year with information culled from the Refugee Processing Center, an agency of the U.S. Department of State, shows where Syrian refugees have already been placed in the U.S.

Thus far, more than 76,000 Syrian refugees have already been placed in over 180 cities. The chart shows 3,103 refugees were sent to San Diego, California; 1,056 were dropped off in Miami, Florida; 2,100 in Atlanta, Georgia; 1,595 in Chicago, Illinois; and 1,255 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Obama’s move to increase the inflow of Muslims comes only two months after hundreds of refugees coursed through Cologne, Germany on New Year’s Day attacking women, beating citizens, destroying and stealing private property, and committing rape. Similar incidents have been happening in Calais, France, where thousands of refugees have filled a camp near town; this has become so bad, it has been called “the jungle.”

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