Obama Parties In India - And Americans Suffer
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While President Obama is basking in Brown Solidarity in India (costing who knows what anti-US worker concessions) I consulted an expert on the Indian impact on America I have been at fault in neglecting recently: Life of an I.T.Grunt. I was not disappointed.

Discrimination Complaint Against Desi Bodyshop Results in Firing, Sanctions Tunnel rat posted on October 25, 2010

Some of you may recall a post I wrote earlier this year, about Fulcrum Logic, a Desi bodyshop that posted an illegal "H-1B-only" ad on the internet…

Well, we filed a discrimination complaint with the Department of Justice that got the Fulcrum employee fired and Fulcrum investigated and sanctioned…(See attached DOJ response and copy of the illegal ad - Fulcrum.pdf)…

We have been in touch with the clients (including several Fortune 500 companies) of many Desi bodyshops to alert them about the illegality of having guest workers that they did not sponsor working at their sites. They also have been informed about the possibility of terrorists like the Times Square bomber entering the country via the fraud ridden H-1B program and sabotaging government agencies, like Rajendrasinh Makwana did at Fannie Mae.

A glance at the comment thread gives a chilling insight into the agony the abuse of H-1B visas has brought to many Americans and the suffering caused by Indian ethnocentrism here.

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