Obama: "I am a Golden God!"
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A reader points out
Watching the first presidential debate reminded me of Cameron Crowe's movie "Amost Famous" about Stillwater - a fictious rock band purportedly based on Lynard Skynard (?) - and its lead guitarist played by Billy Crudup.  
Crudup, in a moment of LSD induced rapture climbs to a roof overlooking a swimming pool, screams "I am a golden god" and leaps into the pool. 

I'd love to see a sketch with Obama up on the roof, ego rampant: "I am a Transformative Leader!"

But, we won't. The Comedy Gap in American life ... growing ever more dismal since that evening in February 2007 when Obama finally realized it wouldn't be prudent to have Rev. Wright give the invocation at his campaign kickoff the next day like they'd planned.

Enter Barack Obama, our rockstar president. In an attempt to reprise his 2008 convention performance in Denver, the One strode out onstage, bombed before a live audience and then let his posse know that he thought that he done a great job.  
Heck, even A-Rod shows greater self-awareness. ... 
In Almost Famous, the band is flying over Mississippi,  hits rough turbulence and thinks its gonna crash and die. After Crudup tells his bandmates that he loves them, the lead vocalist says that no one in the band loves Crudup because Crudup acts like he's above them.

My prediction for Debate 2: media consensus is "Solid Obama victory."

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