Obama Countdown: Run on the Border
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In points south of the Rio Grande, the moocher hordes are paying attention to candidate Trump, and they are worried that the invite to a trough of freebies from the current White House may soon be rescinded if the Republican candidate wins. So the numbers of invaders are up on the border as the clock ticks down.

It’s the old unaccompanied minor scam of 2014 being replayed — if it ever went away in the first place.

These days, Border Patrol agents are distracted with kiddie care, time spent not doing their important job of keeping jihadists from crossing the open border.

Accompanied moppets are a ticket also, as illustrated by the illegal alien train-hoppers shown below.

It’s helpful that Fox covered this underreported topic — though the sob-story element of the scolding nun could have been scrapped. Now, how about an update investigating the harm to American schools and students caused by so many resources being diverted to junior illegal aliens?

MELISSA FRANCIS: New security concerns concerns along the border with Mexico. Customs agents say the illegal immigration crisis is getting worse and preventing officers from doing their jobs. Casey Stegall is live in Dallas. Casey, you know this reminds me of what we saw a couple years ago, right?

CASEY STEGALL: Yeah exactly, Melissa, and this time however, the US Border Patrol tells us the problem is actually worse, and this is a fairly unreported story, but the number of unaccompanied minors and family units apprehended so far are well on track to surpass the numbers from two years ago, and Texas is the epicenter down in the Rio Grande Valley where an estimated two-thirds of those entering the country illegally passed through. For context, more than 54,000 unaccompanied minors have already been processed since August, compared to a little more than 66,000 in all of 2014. You can see where they’re going, so why the increase?

BORDER PATROL AGENT CHRIS CABRERA: You have so many people that are coming in, and they’re being released into the country and the word’s getting back to their home country, so they’re mobilizing because they they don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but they know that today they can cross.

STEGALL: And this is absolutely fascinating: when we were down at the border shooting this last week, one immigrant told me that word is spreading in Mexico and Central America to get here now because if Donald Trump wins, the word on the street down there is that the wall will go up, things will be sealed off, so the smugglers are saying to get here now, Melissa.

FRANCIS: 54,000 children — unaccompanied. I mean, is this another humanitarian crisis?

STEGALL: Absolutely, you know we’ve seen the detention centers filled with families that are packed once again just like in 2014, and the largest numbers, by the way, are people coming in from countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, not even Mexico. Border agents say they slammed and being diverted to things like changing diapers, instead of focusing on securing the border. While volunteers like those here at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in McAllen Texas pull together resources to help.

SISTER NORMA PIMENTEL: Look at them, see them, and tell me that you don’t feel that it is our responsibility to help them now. I wish i could be able to have everybody come and see it before they make up their mind and say that that it’s it’s not our responsibility.

STEGALL: And Border Patrol agents say most of the children and women showing up are seeking asylum, a lengthy and very long process.

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