Obama Coronation Dodging Rain - Or Too Many Blacks?
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Accurate- but not quite the desired image!

While some of problems stemming from Obamacrat hubris in choosing a fairly small Southern city for their convention are just coming to light, one has been widely discussed for some time – the difficulty in adequately filling the 74,000 seat Bank of America Stadium for Obama’s coronation.

This evening it appears the convention managers may blame the weather and retreat to a smaller venue indoors: Democrats face tough decision on whether to move Obama speech By Amie Parnes and Kris Kitto The Hill 9/04/12

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Democratic officials face a difficult decision on whether to move President Obama's acceptance speech indoors to a smaller venue.

A forecast of possible rain showers threatens to dampen Obama’s big night on Thursday, when he is scheduled to close the Democratic National Convention with a speech at Bank of America Stadium, which holds more than 73,000 seats.

Moving  Obama to the much smaller Time Warner Cable Arena, which holds about 22,000 seats, would be a disappointment…

My guess here is the weather has nothing to do with this, and that the Democrats know they can fill the stadium.

The problem is that it will be filled with Blacks. Black churches are strong in upper South Carolina (Charlotte is virtually on the state line) and no doubt their members are eager for a free trip and exciting evening. North Carolina’s big Universities, on the other hand, are several hours away and students have classes.

Now the Obama Administration is perfectly well aware that it is a Minority Occupation Government, in the business of gathering plunder for its clients, and that the election is a referendum on race – as even David Frum admits. (The Romney people of course are too cowardly to do so.)

But that is not what the Obamacrats want to show the Sheeple.

At present.

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