Obama Campaign Celebrates Elderly Immigrants Plundering U.S. Taxpayer
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Someone's sweet Grandfather - and a vote for robbing American Taxpayers

Those of us who inhabit the Right/Conservative side of the political spectrum are so continuously deluged with what the Left thinks/believes/feels via the MSM that it often comes as a surprise how crushingly ignorant they themselves are of our beliefs. The Media bewilderment over the Self-Deportation concept Romney used earlier this year was a case in point.

A recent stunningly silly posting on the Obama Biden site from Ohio is a classic example:

A first time voter: Pedro's remarkable story  By Riley Fields, Franklin County Organizer on April 13, 2012

A man named Pedro C. came into the North Columbus office a couple days ago and didn’t speak English very well. It was difficult for us to understand each other. Eventually, Pedro pointed to a mural of President Obama on our office wall and gave a thumbs up. That was all I needed to see.

I motioned for him to follow me to the Latino bakery two doors down where the owner, Angeles, had agreed to interpret Spanish speakers—his way of supporting our efforts…

Pedro moved to the United States from Peru 6 years ago…Today, he is reunited with his family here in Columbus, Ohio. At 68 years old, Pedro is going to vote for the first time in his life this year.

He has already registered and is ready to cast his vote for Barack Obama.

The idea that someone so incompetent in English should have (illegally) been given citizenship does not perturb Riley Wells, so it would be expecting too much that the economic disaster involved in importing such an elderly benefits-consumer should register either.

Fortunately, Neil Munro at The Daily Caller was up to the analytical task:  Retiree immigration adds billions to deficits 04/21/2012

Roughly one-in-eight new immigrants to America are 55 or older, ensuring there’s little financial payback for the $300,000 or more in taxpayer support given on average to each older immigrant during the last few decades of their lives.

In 2011, 5 percent of new Green Cards went to 53,126 people aged 65 or older, and another 7.3 percent of cards went to 77,198 people aged 55 or older, according to data from the Department of Homeland Security.

Many of those older immigrants were admitted under family unification rules that allow new citizens to bring their relatives into the United States.

In contrast, only 6.3 percent of 2011 green cards went to 66,831 immigrants carrying advanced university degrees.

Younger immigrants, as anyone who talks to them quickly learns, are extremely adroit at bringing in their elderly parents and parking them on the surprisingly lush slopes of America’s welfare for the Aged – for instance Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

This makes a nonsense of the popular Treason Lobby contention that importing younger workers is good for the Fiscus – even before the burden of their anchor baby children is considered.

Munro continued:

In 2011, only 47 percent of old immigrants — those aged 60 to 64 who had arrived in the last five years — were working, said Steve Camarota, research direct at the Center for Immigration Studies.

Among the many post-2005 immigrants older than 65 in 2011, “31 percent were on Medicaid, 14 percent received food stamps, and 8 percent received cash welfare payments,” he said.

Census data show that immigrants’ use of those welfare programs is roughly triple the use by native-born Americans, who usually have worked for decades to build their own wealth

The bill adds up to a cost of $300,000 to $400,000 per older immigrant, or roughly $18,000 per year, said Robert Rector, an immigration specialist at the Heritage Foundation.

At that cost, the 130,424 older immigrants admitted in 2011 will cost almost $40 billion over the next few decades. (VDARE.com emphasis)

And the Obamacrats expect the US Taxpayer aka White America to like this?

Only if they are not told. H/T One Old Vet


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