Obama and Durbin vs. America
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llinois Sens. Barack Obama and Richard Durbin, like most politicians, remind me of that classic line heard in nearly every Hollywood Western movie of the '40s and '50s:


"White man speak with forked tongue."


Well, OK, Obama isn't white, but you get the idea. The ability to talk out of both sides of one's mouth is not predicated on skin color or ethnic background. With that out of the way: Both senators support an immigration policy that is especially harmful to black Americans, but guess what? Obama and Durbin will be among the first to stand up to denounce the harmful effects of (gasp!) displaying the Confederate flag at a public ceremony, just as they did when word got out that there was to be a memorial service honoring those from the South who died at a Union training camp in Illinois during the Civil War.

In other words - please pay close attention here - a flag that flew in one part of the country for less than five years is far more "hateful and oppressive" to today's black Americans than the loss of their jobs to illegal aliens whose presence depresses wages and turns back the clock on working conditions.

Oh, and did I mention that Durbin and Obama were in Springfield, Ill., in the spring to dedicate the new Abraham Lincoln Museum? I mean, honoring the "Great Emancipator" has to count for something, right? Silly me. Of course, it does! It was during this dedication that Durbin rehashed that corny old joke that Lincoln must've been Jewish because "his name was Abraham and he was shot in the temple." [VDare.com note: This is a very old joke. "How old is it?" You can hear Dean Martin tell it to Sammy Davis Jr. on The Rat Pack At The Sands, Live, that's how old it is.] (Actually, the ball from John Wilkes Booth's Derringer pistol entered behind Lincoln's left ear and pushed skull fragments behind his right eye.)

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