Obama Administration Thinks Its Control Of The Narrative Will Beat ISIS
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We talk about "Narrative Collapse" and MSM control of "The Narrative", but according to Josh Kraushaar of the National Journal, the Obama Administration thinks that their control of The Narrative can win a physical war with a fanatical Muslim foe:

Via Ed Driscoll at Instapundit. He's not really a Trump fan, but he says, linking to Roger Simon's Forget the Economy—It’s the Jihad, Stupid! that

In November, we’ll be asked to make a choice — to elect a president who, whatever his flaws, understands we’re fighting vicious, determined terrorists…or a president who’s a retread from an administration who believes were fighting memes and narratives.
More from  Glenn Reynolds here.

What this idea that winning the "narrative fight" will be the same as winning a war reminds me of is the old show business story that might be a metaphor for Affirmative Action, including an Affirmative Action Presidency—the story of the aspiring actress who sleeps with the stage manager, the playwright, the director, and the producer, and gets a major part in a play, with her name in lights;

"The cast eventually found itself in a parlor car bound for the opening in New Haven. Our heroine sat down next to the venerable old character actress and told her she would be only too glad to receive any advice the seasoned trouper could give which might further her career?

Laying aside her copy of the National Geographic, the old pro observed, "My dear, the only thing which seems to have escaped you is the fact that you can't f— the audience!  "

A moment like that can come to any affirmative action case, and  when it's a life and death job like doctor, or flying a plane, or being head of state for a major power, it can be  fatal.
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