NYT vs White Football Player: NFL's #2 Draft Pick Doesn't Like Beyonce's Music
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It’s not as bad as liking Kate Smith’s version of “God Bless America,” of course, but defensive end Nick Bosa, the San Francisco 49ers pick with the second choice in the NFL draft today, has set off a controversial scandal by not liking Beyonce’s music. Moreover, Black Panther is his least favorite Marvel movie. From the New York Times:

[Nick] Bosa, 21, a talented [white] pass-rusher out of Ohio State, recently deleted several tweets about political and racial subjects. Asked why he had done so, he told ESPN it was in his interest to scrub his social media accounts. “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco,” he said.

One tweet called Beyoncé’s music “complete trash.” Another described “Black Panther,” a film widely seen as a triumph for pop-culture representations of black people, as the worst Marvel movie. Others reportedly expressed support for President Trump. And Bosa’s reference to the City by the Bay — the 49ers hold the second overall pick on Thursday — apparently alluded to a 2016 tweet in which Bosa called Colin Kaepernick a “clown.”

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