NYT: Okay, Beckys, You Had Your Chance, But Christine Ford Blew It, So Now We're Back to 24/7 Becky Bashing
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For a few weeks, the media eased up on all the Becky Bashing that started with the Starbucks Bathroom Crisis last spring because we were instead now supposed to Believe Women. But Kavanaugh got voted through anyway, so white women are back to being Lowest Victim on the Intersectional Totem Pole. From the NYT, some National News:

Babysitting While Black: Georgia Man Was Stalked by Woman as He Cared for 2 White Children

By Melissa Gomez
Oct. 9, 2018

As I pointed out last summer:

… these kinds of false-alarm Type I errors—false-positive calls to the cops to investigate a person who turns out to be law-abiding—happen countless times per day in this vast country of ours. So do Type II errors: false negatives of failing to alert the police in cases of a genuine lawbreaker.

But who can be expected to grasp such an esoteric concept as the inevitable tradeoff between Type I and Type II errors when there are Beckys to hate?

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