NYT: Neuter the Marine Corps
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From the New York Times:
More Than Just Marines Behaving Badly


Hundreds of Marines, mostly on active duty, are being investigated for circulating on Facebook photos of unclad women, including fellow Marines, without their consent. …

The Marine Corps, unlike every other service branch, segregates recruits by sex during basic training. When I went through boot camp in 2008, my fellow male Marines and I were taught to look down on our female counterparts. In my all-male platoon, my drill instructors called female Marines sluts and told stories about women’s supposedly poor personal hygiene out in the field. The message we got was clear: Female Marines are disgusting and worthless and physically unsuited for the service.

And you should hear what Marine drill instructors say about male recruits:

We rarely encountered the women or saw them train, and we were given the strong impression that the female recruits underwent less rigorous training than us. Obstacle course stations would have what my drill instructors described as the “female,” or easier, version alongside the “male,” or more difficult, version. …
We know that Science has shown that the 57 genders are all exactly equal in upper body strength, so this, self-evidently, was just part of a giant conspiracy to delude recruits into thinking that women weren’t as strong as men on average.
My platoon even had a “slut wall.” This drill-instructor-approved bulletin board was where recruits posted photos of girlfriends who broke up with them during training. The unspoken, but clearly understood, rule was that the raunchier these photos were, the better. …

On overseas bases, Marines circulated hard drives that held everything from pirated copies of popular TV shows to pornography.

I’m shocked, shocked to learn that technology is being used in service of pornography.
Full gender integration in the Marine Corps would help. Of all the service branches, the Marines have by far the smallest proportion of women in their ranks. Until combat roles were integrated recently, the most prestigious jobs with the corps explicitly excluded women.

But history shows that when women were first allowed to fly jets or serve on submarines in the other branches, they thrived; their value is now undisputed.

To be precise, undisputed in public by those remaining in the military under the Obama Administration.
If our leaders are serious about making the Marine Corps the best it can be, and if they want to avoid repeated scandals, they must change the culture. They should start by fully integrating recruit training, instituting gender-neutral standards …
Which would either flunk out 99% of female recruits or let in a whole bunch of weak male recruits.

But would that be enough? Surely, a Hillary Administration would have right now been considering more far-reaching measures, such as injecting all male Marine recruits with those testosterone-blocking drugs that progressive parents are giving their effeminate little boys to keep them from growing up to be gay men.

Isn’t it outrageous that just because there was an election, the newly elected Administration won’t find this NYT op-ed all that persuasive?

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