NYT: "Millions of Racist Objects Sit in the Homes of Everyday Americans."
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It’s psychologically stressful being a Good Person these days: there’s Fake News, there are all the Muslim girls and NFL players being attacking by roving mobs of Trump voters, the Kremlin is sending secret messages to your Republican uncle that he must receive via his dental fillings the way he keeps coming up with wisecracks when you try to talk to him about how evil he is …

And then there’s the constant menace of Racist Objects.

From the New York Times:

Confronting Racist Objects

By Logan Jaffe December 9, 2016

Millions of racist objects sit in the homes of everyday Americans. We asked for your experiences with these objects and received hundreds of responses. Some of you told us about your family heirlooms. Some described antique finds, and many of you simply wanted to know what should be done with racist objects. What is their place today, when racial tensions and racial attacks are on the rise? Here are some of your stories about reconciling, reclaiming and reinterpreting racist objects.

You can just tell that racist objects are out there, in dusty cardboard boxes in attics and garages, emanating waves of hate.

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