NYT: Germany In Midst Of..."Culture Clash." WHAT?
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The geniuses at the New York Times have finally figured out the problem with Angela Merkel's admitting so many Muslims to Germany. The poor Mohammedans simply don’t get it.

Here’s the headline:

As Germany Welcomes Migrants, Sexual Attacks in Cologne Point to a New Reality

Much is still hazy about that night. But the police reports and the testimony of officials and victims suggest that the officers failed to anticipate the new realities of a Germany that is now host to up to a million asylum seekers, most from war-torn Muslim countries unfamiliar with its culture.

Really? And what “culture” would that be? The one that says rape and plunder are against the law?
Working from outdated expectations, the police made a series of miscalculations that, officials acknowledge, allowed the situation to deteriorate. At the same time, both the police and victims say, it was not a situation any of them had encountered before. This was new terrain for all, and just one taste of the challenges facing Germany and its leader, Chancellor Angela Merkel, to assimilate a huge new population in an atmosphere of dwindling tolerance and volatile politics.
The opening sentence of this paragraph shows how leftist reporters insert highfalutin yet meaningless words into clauses. What “outdated expectations?” The ones that say rape and plunder are against the law?

And what, finally, is “the new reality?” Those words in the headline are also meaningless. Given that the piece doesn’t contain the words, a reader is left to determine what “new reality” means. Might the “new reality” be that Germans must stop “working from outdated expectations” that “refugees” not rape and plunder?

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