NYT Demands Volunteers for a Struggle Session Against Stereotypes
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This could be you!

The New York Times asks for volunteers for a Struggle Session:

Tell Us About a Time You Judged Someone Based on a Stereotype

By The New York Times

May 16, 2018

At Yale University, a dormitory resident called the campus police on a black student who fell asleep in a common room.

At a Starbucks cafe in Philadelphia, an employee called the police on two black men who were waiting for a business associate.

And at a California Airbnb, a neighbor who thought she was witnessing a burglary called the police on three black guests as they were loading their suitcases into a car. The past few weeks have seen a rash of headlines in which people of color who were simply going about their lives were unjustly accused of wrongdoing, and the police were summoned. …

We Want to Hear From You Tell us what happened. How did it end?

mirandaBack in the 1990s, I was watching “Sex and the City” with my wife. I said, “That redhead actress playing Miranda, Cynthia Nixon, is obviously a lesbian.” My wife said she hadn’t noticed anything. I replied, “I can just tell.”

A number of years later, Ms. Nixon, now running for governor of New York, announced she was a lesbian.

What, if anything, would you have done differently?

I would have published my hypothesis about Ms. Nixon back then so you would have reason to believe me now.

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