Baltimore City Council 60% Black—What Will the Rationalization Generator Come Up with Next?
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Remember how we kept getting told the problem with Ferguson was that there weren’t enough blacks on the city council? Well, then, what’s the deal with Baltimore? I count 60% black on the city council (Bill Henry is on the board of the Johns Hopkins Black Alumni), and the mayor is black too.

Council President Bernard C. “Jack” Young



District 1 James B. Kraft



District 2 Brandon M. Scott



District 3 Robert Curran



District 4 Bill Henry



District 6 Sharon Green Middleton



District 7 Nick Mosby



District 8 Helen Holton




District 9 William “Pete” Welch



District 10 Council Vice-President Edward Reisinger



District 11 Eric T. Costello



District 12 Carl Stokes



District 13 Warren Branch



District 14 Mary Pat Clarke


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