NYT 1619 History Expert on Toppling of US Grant Statue
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Earlier: And Then the Mob Came for ... Ulysses S. Grant

From N. Hannah Jones, the head author of the New York Times’ black-centric rewriting of American history The 1619 Project:

Why are people trying to talk about Ulysses S. Grant instead of Black Feelz?

After all, we can go back and forth arguing all day about who did more to win the Civil War, Ulysses S. Grant or some undeservedly obscure black woman with great hair like me, but the important thing is that Grant was white, so a little overzealousness naturally occurs after decades of hurt by art.

Meanwhile, bestselling black all-around genius Ibram X. Kendi, who scored over 1000 on his SAT test, explains how unimportant Grant or any other white man was to winning the Civil War:

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